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Convenient Time & Attendance Tracking

Easily track and manage employee time cards and their attendance without manual interference. Midwest Pay Link utilizes innovative time and attendance software that syncs with our payroll processing system for accurate tracking and payment for every member of your team. Our digital time clock and attendance tracker offers many benefits, including:

  • Integrated timekeeping and payroll information resulting in fewer errors
  • Elimination of unapproved overtime
  • Geofencing technology ensures employees only clock in from approved locations
  • Mobile access from anywhere in the world
Time & Attendance Services from Midwest Pay Link

Time Tracking Solutions

Time & Attendance Accurate Time Keeping

Accurate Time Keeping

Our digital time clock captures time data, calculates multiple rates and accruals, and keeps an audit trail to ensure your company is protected. Information is automatically synced with your payroll processing features to ensure accuracy in pay and compliance with state and federal tax laws.

Time & Attendance Geofencing Technology

Geofencing Technology

Geofencing makes it easy to see who clocked in or out and from where through an innovative time tracking system. You can set up acceptable zones and will be alerted if an employee clocks in from an unapproved location. This feature minimizes time theft and “buddy punches” by ensuring employees clock in and out from their own devices in acceptable locations.

Time & Attendance Overtime Management & Clock Lockout

Overtime Management & Clock Lockout

Eliminate unapproved overtime, limit early clock-ins, and automatically apply overtime options whenever the situation applies. Our online time clock gives you the freedom to choose how many hours each employee is allowed to work and delivers alerts when they are approaching overtime, ensuring your budgeted hours and actual worked time fall within acceptable ranges. 

Time & Attendance Filtered Clock Punches

Filtered Clock Punches

This feature allows you to filter clock prompts by employee or group, reducing punch choices and minimizing errors in pay rates, roles, or assignments. This ensures your employees are properly paid for the role they are assigned to and can only choose roles they are approved to work.

Time & Attendance Physical & Digital Time Clock Options

Physical & Digital Time Clock Options

In addition to digital time and attendance software, we also offer physical time clocks for your brick and mortar locations. Flexible configurations allow you to control when and how employees punch in as well as customized pay rues, overtime calculations for individuals, adherence to compliance requirements, and accrual application.

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Start tracking your employees’ time and attendance without manual interference by calling Midwest Pay Link today at 859-581-2326 . Our online time clock and attendance tracker makes the process fast and easy and keeps you in complete control of your bottom line.

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