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Give your team the support they need without hiring an internal HR staff. Midwest Pay Link in Covington, KY, offers HR outsourcing services that are designed to meet your unique needs, provide 24-hour support, and reduce employment litigation through an easy-to-navigate system that puts all HR functions at your fingertips. There are many benefits to outsourced HR solutions, including:

  • Save money by reducing internal HR staff
  • Reduce administration workload
  • Support employees and adhere to compliance regulations
  • Access resources from one convenient location
HR Solutions from Midwest Pay Link

Time Tracking Solutions

All HR Resources in One Place

All of Your Resources in one place

Our HCM suite allows you to minimize the strain on your internal HR team by streamlining processes, printing complex documents, reducing compliance issues and much more from a single feature. Our platform is easy to navigate and ensures you have everything you need to support your team.

HR On-Demand Program

HR On-Demand Program

In addition to our basic HR services, we also provide add-on options that allow you to get even more out of our HCM suite. HR On-Demand gives you direct access to professionals who can answer your situational questions and concerns, develop your handbook and a plan for implementation, and document customization to meet your unique needs and review them all to look for possible legal concerns.

Minimize Employment Litigation with Midwest Pay Link

Minimize Employment Litigation

There has been a 2000% increase in employment litigation cases since 1995. The average settlement for these cases cost employers over $200,000 with court costs reaching upwards of $50,000, drastically affecting your bottom line. 

Our HR services can help prevent employment litigation cases by putting all resources in a readily accessible space designed to protect employees and administrators. Plus, our HR On-Demand program gives you access to HR professionals whenever you need them for situational questions for compliance or personnel issues, ensuring you have the support you need whenever you need it.

24-Hour Access to Online HR Support Center

24-hour Access to Online HR Support Center

You’ll have access to a wide range of materials and resources to keep you up to date on HR best practices and more, including over 40,000 pages of employment regulations. Our HR solutions offer everything you need to manage your team, including:

  • Customizable employee handbook options
  • Policy library for standard business practices and state and federal laws, written in easily understandable terms
  • HR forms
  • E-alerts for important law updates
  • HR checklists and guides
  • Q&A database for quick reference of common issues
  • HR news and updates
  • Much more!
Save Money and Protect Your Business with Outsourced HR Solutions from Midwest Pay Link!

Get the HR support you need without overtaxing your internal resources by calling Midwest Pay Link today at 859-581-2326. We’ll go over the benefits of our HR services and provide the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your company’s HR solutions.

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