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24-Hour Digital Onboarding Solutions

Looking for a way to streamline employee onboarding services? Midwest Pay Link in Covington, KY, has the perfect solution. Our onboarding software allows you to send and receive documents anywhere in the world from any device and gives your new employees the freedom to access these documents whenever and wherever they need them. Opting for digital onboarding solutions offers many key benefits, including:

  • Integration of information with other features for easy access and fewer errors
  • Digitalization of all tax forms, benefit options, employee handbooks, and more
  • Immediate notifications of employee completion of forms
  • 24-hour access for employees and administrators
Digital Onboarding from Midwest Pay Link

Onboarding Solutions

Digital Onboarding Document Digitization

Document Digitization

Our onboarding software digitizes all of your employee documents and allows them to access and sign the paperwork from anywhere. Going paperless frees up your time and saves money while also adding convenience by keeping all employee information in one place for future reference. Our onboarding program digitizes everything you need, including:

  • All tax and verification information – W-9’s, W-4’s, I-9’s, and authorization forms
  • State specific forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Company-specific forms – non-compete/non-solicit forms, benefit information, etc.
Digital Onboarding Easy Access For Employees and Administrators

Easy Access for Empl0yees & Admins

In today’s digital world, everyone can access the information they need from wherever they are with just a couple of clicks. The same can be true for your employees, managers, and administrators. Our onboarding system allows you and your employees to send and sign paperwork without having to schedule a meeting and delivers alerts for completed forms as well as those that are in need of attention.

Digital Onboarding System Integration

System Integration for Fewer Errors

All employee information is integrated into our Cyberpay system, eliminating the need to rekey payment information and personal details. This ensures that all information is accurate and secure so there are no errors in payroll.

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